Sunday, November 21, 2010

Honda Jazz:media's choice for fuel-efficient car

Honda Jazz Load it Up

Interesting read on the site.
The Honda Jazz is the undisputed choice among the motoring media in the area of fuel efficiency and functionality for three years in a row. During the 2010 Auto Focus People’s Choice Awards night held at the Valle Verde Country Club, the Honda Jazz was recognized as the Most Fuel Efficient (under gasoline class) and Most Functional Cabin vehicle under the media’s choice category. The Auto Focus Media’s Choice category gives honor to automotive players with high quality products that provide best amenities, safety features and ride comfort.
Revolutionizing the concept of small cars, the Honda Jazz has outdone competition in terms of interior space and functionality with its versatile ULTRA seats. Powered by the i-VTEC engine, the Jazz also delivers outstanding fuel economy without sacrificing power output. Packed with numerous innovative technologies, it is no surprise that the Honda Jazz has gained worldwide popularity that reaches cumulative sales of over 3.5 million units since its debut in 2001.

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